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Riding skills Ratings


Gentle riding with obstacles such as gravel, roots, rocks, potholes, and bridges. MUST HAVE RIDDEN A BIKE BEFORE Learn more about our skills clinics!


Challenging riding with some steep slopes and/or obstacles, possibly on narrow trails with men made obstacles. These include but are NOT limited to small jumps, roots, rock gardens and other terrain variations. MUST BE AN EXPERIENCED RIDER


Difficult riding with a mixture of long steep descents, loose surfaces, natural and human-made obstacles and features. These include but NOT limited to: jumps, gaps, drops, steep shoots, rock gardens and othe terrain variations. MUST HAVE ADVANCED MOUNTAIN BIKING HANDLING SKILLS

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Riding Skills Clinic 

Want to improve your riding skills? Join us for an MTB coaching session and learn how to ride in a different kind of terrain, feel more comfortable on your bike and enjoy your Mountain Bike Trip. 

With this skills you will learn how to:

  • Ride natural Terrain

  • Perform your body position on the bike

  • Cornering Skills 

  • Brake & Rolling techniques

  • Choose and approach the right line for you

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