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Insearch of Time Trails - Mascota, México

Once upon a time, a German riding tribe called EVOC riders, sent two members of their crew to explore a territory they have heard has amazing Mountain Bike Trails, lands of freedom and kindful people, a place called Mexico! They both arrived to the coast with their beautiful and colorful EVOC bags. Finding some shelter in a peaceful hidden beach spot "Pacific Nomads" while the ride inland came to them. An original 1969 Dodge RAM showed with 2 Mexican guys, mountain bikes and a digital camera, with the very little spanish the German riders learned once in the Canaria Islands, Spain, they sorted out to stop the truck and ask for a ride inland.

As very well known, the Mexicans showed the great hospitality that distinguish their tribe, and took them on the road, of course the ladies go back with the bikes, a guy said. A panoramic road into the Sierra Madre Occidental started blowing minds and getting them excited to discover thi new trail paradise. "Bienvenidos a Mascota" was written on a road sign, Julia the German girl asked: What does Mascota means? Alvaro responded with smile on his face: Snakes and deers Sancuatry, be read for the #mexicansurprise he expressed. But no deer or snakes showed up. The adventure started with Alvaro leading the ride and Daniel the German guy started getting pumped with the new terrain, unique vegetation with crazy agave plants and natural wallrides, Nico was playing with his camera while Julia was falling inlove with every single horse.

The trails and the unspoiled lifestyle around the Mascota Valley broke all kinds of cultural barriers between both continents, Julia and Daniel became more Mexicans than a toritilla, and even falled inlove with the Mexican made trucks, ended buying the Ram truck and naming it Cimarron.

Riders: Julian Hoffman and Daniel Shchaefer. Guide: Alvin Chill Down (Alvaro Gutierrez). Photos: Nicolas Switalski Words: Alvin Chill Down

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