History of Mountain Bike in Mascota, México

Back in 1997 I bought my first “mountain bike”, a rigid (front and back) specialized rock hopper. Exploring the area around Mascota, I started riding with friends on dirt roads. I was able to travel to Chico Hidalgo and San Luis Potosi, to ride their trails. I realized that Mascota had its own potential bike trails to rival anything I had seen so far. With help from friends we started opening a few trails around Mascota, initially the “Espinilluda”, from Cimarron to Yerbabuena. We left the trails pretty rough at that stage, just barely rideable. When I started to invite friends from Guadalajara to come and ride, they did not come back. When I got the opportunity to visit Moab, St George and Arizona, I got a taste of what bike trails could be. Upon returning I embarked on a trail building spree, opening the Santito and the intrepida with the help of Oscar Salcedo. As we built more and more trails, we got better at it. Then I invited my friend Javier Chavez to come ride, and he was amazed. He came back, again and again. I recently travelled to crested Butte, Colorado, where I rode some of the most fun trails I had ever ridden (until I broke my collarbone), and participated in the Big Mountain Enduro Race. Crested Butte gave me another taste of what Mascto could Become. Mascota Bike continues to build and improve mountain bike trails, and we plan on making Mascota THE mountain bike destination in Mexico. Our friends Alvaro And Javier at Wildmex in Sayulita recently started Mascota Ride, and have been great promoters of Mascota, bringing lots of publicity and exposure to this undiscovered Mountain Bike Mecca.

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