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Mountain bike tours Oaxaca | Mascota Ride Tours


Mountain bike tours Oaxaca | Mascota Ride Tours

Krista Rust
Durango Colorado 2017

Our guides are very skilled riders with great personalities. The tour felt more like an outing with friends. Chasing each other down the trail, following them off jumps, working on bikes together and celebrating with dinner and drinks at night was much more exciting than a typical mountain bike tour.

As a mountain bike vacation, Mascota Ride is highly recommended. Their local knowledge and skill level along with a flexible structure allows them to offer pre-built or custom packages. It was not your typical tourist vacation, but something special. We were able to experience the local Mexican culture as locals, not as tourists.

Each tour is built to accommodate the style of bike, terrain, and trail you prefer. The enduro trails we rode in the Oaxaca, Mexico area were amazing. We were shown trail systems in three different areas, moving lodging each day and only riding each trail once.

As our group was comprised mostly of enduro racers, we were shuttled to trails with minimum pedaling. The third day we pre-rode the Oaxaca Day-of-the-Dead Enduro Race trails, on the fourth day we raced. This tour was one of my favorite experiences as the trails were extremely fun and the Mexican locals were very welcoming, friendly and helpful.

Mountain bike tours Oaxaca | Mascota Ride Tours

Brandon Ontiveros
Crested Butte Colorado

"I was recently lucky enough to get to ride the trails in/around Mascota, Mexico.  I can tell you from experience, the terrain is real-deal and the culture and history surrounding this ancient royalty area makes it one of the most unique places I've ever ridden a bicycle.  From big technical descents (most shuttle-able), steep and rocky terrain, otherworldly dirt and plant life you don't see anywhere else, this place should be on anyone's bucket list.  Not to mention the laid back and generous crew at Mascota Bike who know these mountains better than anyone else and can show you the time of your life based on how gnarly (or not) you want to get.  And to top things off, most trips end in Sayulita with WildMex Surf and Adventure where they can show you some of the best surf breaks in the region.  What more can you ask for!?!  If Mexico had a "pura vida" locale, this place is it and highly recommended for those seeking technical terrain that's rideable year-round.  Forget about US desert riding during the winter months, go to Mexico and see what they have to offer.  If you make the trip, it won't be your last."

Mountain bike tours Oaxaca | Mascota Ride Tours

Sarah, Chamdler
Alberta, Canada 2015

I had a great time , I never imagine this secret trails could exist in México surrounded by this beautiful and unique traditions. When i thought we where lost I just knew i found the MTB trip I was looking for, this was the best gateaway. Thank´s for everything and specially for taking me to those hidden magic spots and make me try the most delicious mexican dishes. After every climb you find a stairway down  with a gorgeous views, through an infinite fun downhill!

Mountain bike Puerto Vallarta | Mascota Ride Tours
Casey Coffman
Lake Tahoe Nevada

Just got home from 5 days in Mascota, we had such an awesome time riding thousand year old trails through lots of really cool Mexican mountain towns. The trails are nothing like anything I've rode in the States, they have to be ridden to be appreciated. We totaled about 25,000 feet of descending in 4 days of riding. The town is perfect, with cobblestone streets and unreal food for super cheap. But the best part was the guides. They were super knowledgeable about the history of the area, the trails, the best restaurants, everything we needed was handled with ease. I'll definitely be coming back. Thanks Mascota ride!

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