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Mountain Bike México | Mascota Ride Tours

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We are experts in designing mountain biking adventures. Our passion is to curate mountain bike tours in Mexico and South America that seamlessly blend world-class singletrack riding with a local cultural immersion. Your time is priceless, and we recognize that's why team up with expert local guides in each destination, we've meticulously picked every element of your journey, ensuring an experience that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Unveil the world's beauty from the saddle, forge friendships, and create lasting memories. Join us on an adventure where every trail narrates a unique story, and every ride is an opportunity to make it your own. 

Mountain bike tours Mexico | Mascota Ride Tours

Level:  Beginner - Advanced

Style:  All-Mountain/Enduro
Dates:  Year Round

"Experience the Best of Mexican Countryside on World-Class Singletrack with the Mascota Bike Tour, just 1.5 hours inland from Puerto Vallarta. Discover the authentic culture of different mountain villages while riding through stunning trails. Immerse yourself on a mountain bike trip back in time and live a unique lifestyle with your local guides. Wrap up your Mascota MTB trip with a relaxing beach break in the paradise beach town of Puerto Vallarta. Book your MTB adventure today and enjoy the best  Mexican mountain biking!"


  • World Class Riding with local guides

  • Visit our private Bike Park

  • Ride and Visit the colonial town of San Sebastian del Oeste

  • Stay in an old hacienda from the XVII century

  • Visit a local Distillery 

  • Tasty homemade food

  • Beach break available in a secret spot

  • Extra activities: Surfing, fishing, SUP, and more

Mountain bike tours Oaxaca | Mascota Ride Tours

Oaxaca MTB

Level:  Beginner - Advanced

Style:  All-Mountain/Enduro
Dates:  Year Round

"Explore the Largest Trail System in Mexico on an MTB Tour in Oaxaca, a top mountain biking destination known for its unique culture, warm weather year-round, and great hospitality. The city of Oaxaca is worldwide recognized for its culinary experiences, making it a must-visit destination. With world-class trail riding in Oaxaca, this is the perfect place for riders from all over the world to experience the best mountain biking in Mexico. 


  • Ride thru 3 different areas in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca

  • Stay in a bike lodge in the heart of Oaxaca City

  • Shuttle runs "Enduro" style

  • Visit a local Mezcal Distillery 

  • Amazing Culinary Experience 

  • Visit the Zapotec temple of "Montealban"

  • Ride with local pioneer guides

Mountain bike trips Mexico | Mascota Ride Tours

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Mountain bike tours Oaxaca | Mascota Ride Tours

What other riders say

We showed up, three guys with a long love of mountain bike trails – not just for the physical and technical challenges, but also for the beauty and little bites of paradise the single-track often offers. What we had the pleasure of experiencing around Mascota, went way, way, beyond our expectations. Alvin gave us a fine balance of steep, chunky descents, tight switchbacks, flowy ledges, speedy straight-aways and twisty climbs. We got a ton of everything! The rides left us very happily battered at the end of every day.
Our downtime was filled with cultural richness and relaxation well off the beat and tourist-track – every minute, authentic and wholly Mexican. locals know good-life and are both generous and honest in sharing it. This little rural town (Mascota) restored our faith in people and human decency.
Time by the sea just outside of Puerto Vallarta quenched our need to visit a variety of beaches and worship some serious sun. The food and drink had us believing that you couldn't have a bad meal in this place.
None of this would have been possible were it not for our guide.
Alvin was our man-in-the-know, the Dude that seemed to be able to connect us with pretty much everything we happened to be looking for. His flexible and laid back attitude took the pressure off of itineraries and put the focus squarely on just having a good friggen time. His charisma was irresistible and his idealism, purely infectious. 

Willy Choi - Canada
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Mountain bike trips Mexico | Mascota Ride Tours
Mountain bike trips Mexico | Mascota Ride Tours
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